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Many families reach out after the conclusion of the services to let us know how much our support and guidance meant to them in their time of need, and we’re honored to receive such heartfelt praise. We feel that these messages speak for themselves and we’d like to share them with you.

If you feel we’ve gone above and beyond in supporting you through this difficult time, or would simply like to reach out and say thanks, contact us to share your thoughts. It means the world to us to hear from you and know that we’ve made a difference.

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Dear Terry, Theresa & Timmy Words alone cannot express our appreciation for your professionalism and kindnesses shown to our family last week with the death of Myrtle Johnson. We thank you for your eagerness to make a difficult time easier for us. You went way beyond our expectations in making us feel special and giving us the extra T.L. C. that we needed. Theresa, we were so impressed with your attention to detail and your ability to make our loved one look superb at 104 years old. You were always one step ahead of me... I asked about something and it was already done. Terry, of course, we could not have survived this trying time without your support, hugs and ability to make what we wanted happen. Timmy, we are so proud of the video and will always have it as our cherished keepsake. Collectively, the "Three T's" were our dream team.

Nelda, &T.L. Grambling and the entire Johnson family

Dear Terry and Theresa There are no words to describe our gratitude to you for all that you did for our family during this difficult time. You absolutely made each of our requests possible. Theresa, your attention to detail is fantastic. You did a superb job with Maude Maries hair, make up and hands. Thank you for quickly snipping the dress material for me for the Blossom Shop. I thought the flowers co-ordinated well. The visitation was equally good for us since we don't have a home here anymore. I'm afraid my 14 year old grandson made quite a dent in the cookie supply. Thank you for contacting Keith, it was just what we hoped for since he knew her so well, Jeff did a very nice job also. I was relieved that Randys music was fine and that singing was not involved. Your disposal of the flowers was also a great help. We ended up keeping more than originally planned. Please tell Timmy that we love the video, what a nice keepsake. Thank you very much,

Maggie and Scott Russell

Dear Ron, We wanted to express our appreciation to you and your employees for the great job you did for Annie Leverett's funeral. Timmy did a wonderful job on the video, it will be something we cherish forever. Theresa was so much help in every aspect, anything we asked for she immediately helped us. Ada, Charla, Karen and Terry were also very helpful. Jerry Don did a great job in making her look good and was also helpful to all of us. Theresa did a wonderful job on hair and makeup. The carrot cake was delicious and enjoyed by all. We sincerely appreciate all of you, Sincerely,

The family of Annie Leverett

Lowell-Tims & employees, Thanks Timmy for helping Orley make all arrangements in advance, which really took a load off. Thanks to Jerry Don for the way he handled Pop and the write up and all that he did. Terry, you are a little jewell in the way you see that every detail is taken care of, and in the right way. Karen, you always do a good job with the pictures and printing. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful group of caring people who strive to please and are anxious to do more. Thanks so much for the cake, it was delicious and such a nice gesture, we appreciate all of you from Lowell-Tims Funeral Home.

Betty and Orley Tipton

We realize that helping families during death is your occupation, but truly comforting and caring is an option. We appreciate every act of kindness. We are blessed to call you our friends. Love,

Bruce, Regina, Jacob,Peggy & Dustin Farquar

Dear Kelly and Staff, We just cannot put our appreciation in words that measure the thanks that we owe you and the staff of Lowell-Tims Funeral Home. The wonderful job that you did on preparing mother for viewing will never be forgotten by our family. She looked wonderful. Your caring and kindess and the manner which you conducted the services pleased our hearts and made a sad time much less sorrowful. I thank you so much....

The Garrett family

Terry, You are so special! Your love, kindness and thoughtfulness for us during such a trying time in the loss of two wonderful mothers at the same time was greatly appreciated. The services for both were beautifuly conducted. Thanks for getting another casket in so quickly and thanks to every one individual in taking care the funeral. Your hugs and pats on the back helped so much. You and Theresa are the best to work with.

Joe and Ovena Milton and family

Dear Terry & Staff, Thanks so much for all of your kindnesses during this time of our loss. You went WAY Beyond your call of duty, we all realize that. You made us feel so special and honored our loved one with the highest regard of affection and professionalism. We will never forget your help and sympathetic heart. The service was just perfect. Thanks also for the "yummy" cake. We all cherish your friendship. Love,

John & Patti Ray, Becky and Rick, Chris & Carrie, Scott and Bonita

Dear Terry, Thank you for taking us under your wing and guiding us through this difficult path. The professionalism of your services, the sincerity of your staff and flexibility of your timelines allowed us time to visit with family and friends knowing all the details were being handled. We appreciate you taking time from your family holiday to meet our family needs. Thank you so much,

The Bea Thomason family

Ron, We thank you for your understanding and kindness through our tuff time. You have made the hardest moment in my life a pleasure to get through. You treated us like people and not just another customer. I think Danny liked that about you. Love and Laughter always

Michael and the Revilla Family

Kelly, Timmy, Karen, Rebecca, Ron &Ada, Terry & Barbara and the other wonderful staff at Lowell-Tims Funeral Home. Your mature approach to all matters concerning our mother's funeral could not have been more consistentley respectful, generous and comforting. With your expertise, nothing "fell through the cracks". Even your gesture of contributing delcious brownies touched us deeply. May you continue to work with polished teamwork for all the other families who, like us, need to lean on someone while feeling the loss of a loved one. We sincerely thank each one of you. With appreciation

Susan D. Adams, Craig and Estele Minor

Dear Terry, Kelly and the nice lady that was so helpful in the arrangements for Chester in August. I'm sorry to be so long to express my gratitude for your T.L.C. during that time. Chester's family from OKC, and my folks from Texas, were all so pleased with the whole thing. I love the 8X10 picture of Chester, and the beautiful memorial book that comforts us so much. And since it was such a hot day at the cemetery, we felt so thankful for the bottles of water and boxes of Kleenex in our chairs. It was great to see so many of my friends who were there that day, and the big hug I got from Terry- Please give my love to Barbara. I'm doing O.K. Love you! God Bless you all,


Thank you so much for the taking such good care of our Mom. Everything was perfect! There were so many good compliments to how everything went. Dad would be so proud! Terry, Jerry Don, Mr.Spain, Theresa, you too Sonny, Ada, etc,etc,- you were all very professional. Thank you!

Sharon Ford

There aren't enough words to express our appreciation for your professional services! You make us feel so at home and at ease. Terry, you have a gift with people-you make a hard thing easy! Karen, you make it easy to make those difficult decisions and your talent with graphics on the computer is awesome, you are so talented and we were all so impressed! Rona is the sweetest person, she made us comfortable and occupied Cameron on top of it! Thank you for everything!

The Bynum Family

Lowell-Tims Funeral Home I would like to express our thanks and gratitude for an excellent job. Your professionalism and eagerness to help make difficult days easier to endure. Thank you again for all the excellent help and personal touches you provide.

The family of Leslie Owens

Thank you so much for the kindness, gentleness and consideration shown to our mother & our family during such a difficult time. For being so quick & efficient with the death certificates, our undying gratitude! Ardell was quite impressed, as we all were! Again- Our heartfelt love and thanks.

The Hukitts & Signorellis

Dear Terry, How can we thank you for making a most difficult time go so smoothly. Thank Theresa for all she did and for her kindness. The family loves the video. I think you should show a sample of his work because we almost didn't do it. One of our friends who attended the funeral said "The memorial program was the nicest they have ever seen". That person is a vibrant 94 years who has obviously seen a lot of programs.

Fondly, Gary & Frances Patton

Dear Friends, Thank you for being so kind to me during this difficult time. You all make things so much easier. Terry, you have a gift for making the whole family comfortable. To Lavona, the cake was wonderful. Thank you. My special thanks to all,

Gaylon Holder and family

We want to express our deepest appreciation for all you have done for our family. Everyone was so kind and very helpful. The service was beautiful, you all did an outstanding job. The cake was delicious and everything you did was very much appreciated. Sincerely,

Neil, Lori, & Family

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